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What is the Aesthetic Medicine ?

What is Beautiful? - Plato already recognized the existence of things that are beautiful for them and that supply a pure pleasure that is the ceasing of the pain or affliction. Socrates thought the Beautiful was an agreement observed by the eyes and ears. Kant found beautiful above all the natural, the birds, and the plants. And the definitions of the Beautiful and of what it is Aesthetic were always present and they were enlarged in the philosophical and artistic discussions. The feminine beauty is also a manifestation of the Beautiful, it is sometimes little understood by being associated to a futile behavior. It’s a rude mistake the fact of working, practicing sports, studying, frequenting the aesthetics clinics. That is not a futile task. Intelligent women, educated, that work home and have a job and are above all, strong, are the ones who have enthusiasm to take care of the beauty and of the health.

The pure feminine beauty occupies a place in the Cosmoses, as well as the other natural beauties. A beautiful bird or a beautiful animal, as well as a picture, a city, a forest, a star, or a poetry. The beauty shows itself beyond the human feeling and thought. There is no evil in worshipping the Beautiful. There is no evil in worshipping the Feminine Beauty. To admire the Beautiful doesn't mean to despise what is not beautiful. The senior women are also beautiful, healthy and happy, as the active man in all of the stages of life. It is also beautiful the child playing, the art, the nature, is beautiful the wisdom. Clear, there is no beauty in the illness, in the sadness, in the death, in the hunger, in the destruction. The harmonic, quality of the Beautiful, is clear and shows the life, in the health, in the happiness and in the love.  The woman is the most beautiful part of humans; she could only have been the largest inspiring of the art and of the artists, since the old times. To Victory of Samothrace, to Venus of Milo, the Egyptian paintings, the surrealist Dalis’s Gala, the woman's soft beauty in the Spring of Botticcelli, the woman in the poetry of Vinícius of Moraes, of Drummond and inspired wonderful works for them.

And it is clear that the beauty changed throughout the times. In the past the feminine beauty was only a face, privilege of little that had the genetic coincidence of having a face with harmonic lines. The habits then didn't allow revealing the body. In the current times all the feminine forms are exposed, and that pleasant liberation of habits gave to the women the possibility of other beauty manifestations, the beauty of the body, that is much "more democratic", because it is accessible to most of the women. The nutrition, the sports, and also the medicine started to help in the promotion of the feminine beauty.

A new medical specialty - the Aesthetic Medicine, intends to use the techniques, the research and the medical knowledge for the promotion of the feminine beauty of the face and the body. The Aesthetic Medicine is the Medical Art of the Beautiful, and as the other arts, that produces pleasure, a subjective happiness, it cannot be submitted to a judgment of value. Value is determined by the good benefits it causes to whom that receive their benefits. The taste, the capacity to judge what is beautiful, it is that makes the art to be wonderful for some and horrible for other, it is influenced by the culture, for the economical conditions, for the fashion, for the habits of each people. Then, it is not the Aesthetic Medicine; the science that has created those basic aspects that are the taste and the aesthetics. It fits to her just to assist the collective unconscious's longings and as an artistic manifestation, to create, to maintain and to improve the Human Beauty.


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