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The Cellulite

The weight, the number of fat cells and the Cellulite

We believed that the effects of the fat deposition can be different in patients with higher or lower population of fat cells.  

People with great population of fat cells who trend to the  obesity called type G, have a great number of fat cells, while the  people with small population of fat cells, with trend to be thin has a small number of units and we will call type M. If the same amount of fat be added to the body by alimentary mistake or lack of exercises, the people of the type G will have less fat per fat cell than the people of the type M. The fat cells from the people of the type G would increase less in size than in the type M. Therefore, in the type M, the repercussions in the fat tissue, with the modifications that take to the Cellulite, for a same fat deposition, will be proportionally larger. The same happens to the venous and lymphatic system that is smaller in absolute numbers in the people of the type M in relation to the people of the type G. A same absolute increase in Kgs of the fat tissue in the population M will have larger repercussions in the fat tissue, with consequent Cellulite than in the population G. This theory can explain several manifestations of the Cellulite, which although it presents a clear relationship with the feeding and fat deposition, sometimes surprises us with the discovery, no rare, of people with weight excess and without presenting Cellulite proportional to the overweight and thinner people, with important alterations. We considered that to have Cellulite, an increase of fat deposition should exist in the fat cell that is what will unchain the process. The Regionalized Fat, deposited by hormonal influence, has then, important role and the total number of the individual’s fat cells can be associated.  Then, even thinner people can have a lot of Cellulite, even disproportionally larger than fatter people. Therefore, treating Cellulite is more complex than only losing weight.


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