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What is ThermaCool?

            ThermaCool is a radio frequency equipment used in the USA for the treatment of the laxity of the face without surgery. ThermaCool Facelift causes a contraction of the skin, without cuts, edemas, swelling or important desquamations. The patient does not have to be away from his/her normal activities. It is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. ThermaCool   is a new technology, different from the Laser, Peelings or other conventional surgeries. It is used for the treatment of one of the most difficult problems of the facial aging, the laxity of the skin of the face and the neck.

            When ThermaCool is applied on the skin, it cools its surface  at the same time that an energy of  radio frequency reached the deepest layers (dermis). Then,  a chemical reaction is created in the deepest structures, more specifically in the collagen, retracting the skin.

            There are no cuts, superficial lesions, edemas or Ecchymosiss. The patient does not have to interrupt his/her activities, either professional or sport activities. The expected result is a firmer skin that it is going to appear from inside to outside, following the application. All of the skin types can be treated.

            Four to six months after the application of the Treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool), there is the generation  of a new collagen, which is denser. An increase in the thickness of the epidermis can be noticed. Then the result of the treatment with Thermacoll is not immediate. Some months are necessary for the results. That it is the necessary period for the formation of the collagen.





How is the Therma Cool Facelift applied?

            The treatment is performed without hospital stay, but in the  Day Hospital of the clinic. That is because sedation is necessary due to the pain that the application can cause.

            A mechanism to generate cold is applied. Then, for seconds the surface of the skin is cooled to a very low temperature.

            After that, a radio frequency is applied for some seconds to elevate the temperature of the skin a lot.

            On the surface, the temperature will rise less, because it was very cold, while in the depth the temperature will rise a lot because it was not cold.

            The increasing  of the temperature caused by the Radio Frequency  in the deep layers, will cause positive alterations in the collagen and in the dermis that are the responsible for the results.


Modo de ação do themacool
Ponteira de aplicação do Thermacool

Where can the ThermaCool be applied?

            It is important to consider that the treatment with Radio Frequency, the ThermaCool is one option in the large arsenal of the Medical Aesthetics that includes topical treatments, the Botulinum Toxin, botox, myobloc and dysport, the Fillers, the Bioplasty, the surgery, the peelings, and the Russian thread.

            For each case, a treatment or a combination of treatments  will give the best results.

            Only an evaluation by an experienced physician in medical aesthetics can determine the best treatment options that will be discussed with the patient before any procedure is performed. The physician's orientation should create a realistic expectative that is what will orientate the treatment. If the obtained result is close to the planned one, we are successful and the patient, as well as  the physician, are satisfied.

            ThermaCool has been considered a great progress, that  allows the correction of aging signs without interrupting the patient’s routine activities and with low risk. This meets a modern demand, where the rationalization of the time is imperative.

            Thermacool can be used separately or along with other techniques  for several conditions such as:  laxity of the facial skin, laxity of the skin of the neck, wrinkles, elevation of the eyebrow.




Thermacool - Questions and Answers

What is the Treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool)?

            The treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool) was developed to help  recover the signs of aging of the skin.

It causes the retraction of the tissues that form the skin. Used for the treatment of wrinkles, it is also known as Thermalift  because it acts on the facial laxity. The technology of treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool)  has been studied for other aesthetic uses in the face.

How does it work?

            Radio Frequency  (RF)  generates energy and strong heat on the deepest layer of the skin, while the surface is cold and protected. It causes the contraction of the collagen. Later, the production of NeoCollagen is obtained. This will produce an even larger improvement in the aspect of the skin.

How does the patient who undergoes the treatment with Radio Frequency (ThermaCool) feel?

            Each application is followed by an immediate sensation of cold, followed by a brief hot sensation, and again, by a cold sensation. The sedation of the patient adds comfort to the procedure.

How long does the treatment with Radio Frequency (ThermaCool) last?

            Depending  on the size of the treated area, the procedure can take some minutes up to  one hour.

When can the patient  resume his/her normal activities?

            He can resume his/her normal activities immediately after the procedure. Some redness  can be noticed in some patients but it usually disappears just after the treatment. Complications resulting from the heating can happen, but they are rare.  There is no necessary special care after the treatment. Sun screen is recommended.

When do the results appear?

            The results appear gradually 2-6 months after, although some patients obtain results  earlier.

How many sessions are necessary?

            A single session can produce good results. However, the physician will evaluate the number and frequency of session s necessary. It always depends on how serious the case is  and it is specific for each patient.

How long will the results of the Treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool) last?

            The aging process goes on because of the time that, unfortunately, goes by inexorably. Just like all of the aging treatments, the results of the ThermaCool will also suffer the action of  time. While the youth pills are not invented, additional preventive measures  to treat the aging  should be taken. New applications of ThermaCool can be performed with the time, if necessary.

How safe is the treatment?

            The Treatment with Radio Frequency (ThermaCool) is very safe. Although some  small damage to the skin may occur, it is very rare. The treatment was studied carefully in hundreds of patients in the USA and Canada, generating reports that show minimal adverse effects.

What is the cost of the Treatment with Radio Frequency  (ThermaCool)?

            Unfortunately, it is expensive because of the cost of the equipment that is significant. Besides, there is the cost of the materials  that are disposable and used for each patient only once, the cost of the Day Hospital, the  costs of the sedation, and the medical fees. All these costs end up turning Thermacool into a not accessible treatment.  


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