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What is Fillers?

      Botox won the doctors and patients’ preference for the correction of the furrows and wrinkles of the forehead, the glabellas (among the brows) and of the Crow’s feet. But to the wrinkles from other place Botox is not so efficient. One of the treatments used in Aesthetic Medicine is the Fillers Injections.

            The wrinkles and furrows can be filled out with several materials. The medical research launches new products frequently; these products can be used in agreement with each situation. The Technique is safe and simple and performed at the own clinic without need of anesthesia, besides a topical cream. A new derived technique of Fillers applying in deep positions of the body was developed more recently and is called: Bioplasty.

            We can say in a simplified way that the Fillers is performed in the most superficial tissues, as the skin and the transition between the skin and the fat tissue that it is exactly under the skin. Bioplasty is a procedure performed in the muscles and over the bones, therefore, on deeper tissues. We will discuss the Superficial Fillers here and in another part the Bioplasty, deep Fillers.

      The Fillers is used to the wrinkles in the areas where the muscular action is important and cannot be abolished with Botox, as it is the situation of the furrow that is going from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Besides the Fillers techniques we also use as accomplice the Botulinum Toxin when the expression wrinkles are old and they already marked so much the skin. The Filling for wrinkles and furrows, with several substances are now made since long time. The treatment is simple and consists of the injection of these products in the furrows and wrinkles of the face turning them smoother and giving to the face a younger appearance.

In what areas can the Fillers be applied?

The Fillers can be applied in the nasolabial folds, the furrow that is formed or accentuated by the laxity of the cheek’s skin on the face. The lightest furrows can be treated with the superficial Fillers, while the deepest ones need the technique of Bioplasty. The mouth wrinkles can be minimized with the Fillers, and the furrows from the corner of the mouth and infralabial can be also minimized. Fine wrinkles of the face can also be treated. The increase of the lips can be obtained with the Fillers. The Technique of Bioplasty increases the indications of the Fillers a lot, it is a more complete technique, and it could be applied in most of the areas of the face and in several conditions. For being a deep treatment, Filler has more complete results and it will be presented in another part of this article.

How is the Fillers applied?

            In the initial consultation, Naturale Clinic's doctors explain to the patient the indications, and the expected results of the treatment of the skin, in a personalized and detailed way. All options are presented and the most suitable techniques to the case is decided together by the doctor and the patient.

            The patient comes in the scheduled day to perform the procedure at the clinic. The patient should not use any medicine, cosmetic or make-up in the face on this day. When the patient arrives to the Clinic an anesthetic ointment is applied on the area that will be treated. This ointment stays some minutes in contact with the skin, when it is obtained a transient anesthetic numbness of the skin. The patient is ready to receive the Fillers.

            Asepsis of the skin is performed with antiseptics.

            The Filler is applied with micro needles, very fine, imported from Europe, and it possess a layer of protecting silicone, that allows the puncture to be very easy, and with low pain. After the application that lasts about 10 minutes, the patient is liberated to return to regular activities.

The patient can return to the regular activities immediately, besides the work. The home recommendation is to avoid heavy gymnastics in the day of the application.  In the following day, the activities are totally re established.

Preceding the application of the Fillers if it has been programmed, the Botox can be applied in the same session.

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