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Questions and answers on Botox Cosmetic ®

What is the use of Botox Cosmetic ® in Aesthetic Medicine?

Botox Cosmetic ® has been used for immediate treatment of the wrinkles of the face. The best results occur in the forehead wrinkles, in the area among the brows, in the eyes corner and in the Crow’s feet.

Can Botox remove the expression naturalness and give appearance of a "hardened" face?

Botox Cosmetic ® performed with efficiency, bring a great result. These results are the responsible for the explosion in its utilization. The patient, family and circle of friends notice the improvement, but this improvement should be natural, and is desirable that no one is able to realize that Botox Cosmetic ® was applied. The people say that the patient is well, with a rested aspect and with better appearance; the exaggerated use of Botox presents small natural results, which should not be the objective of the treatment. At Naturale Clinic, we preferred Botox Cosmetic ® for the Crow’s feet, for the wrinkles of the forehead and for reduction of the glabellas wrinkles. We use other techniques to wrinkles and furrows such as Bioplasty and Surgery and we maintain this way the natural results.

Is the Botox utilization dangerous?

No, it isn’t. The medicine was tested since 1984 in the United States and it is liberated by American FDA, which is the most rigorous control of medicines of the world. It is liberated since 1992 by the Brazilian Health Ministry. Its initial use was for people that had muscular spasms and more recently it began to be used in aesthetic medicine. It is a new medicine for aesthetics, but it is already very known by other medical uses that gives safety in his application. In the aesthetic treatments we utilize small doses, from 25 to 50 Units, while the dose that would cause complications is larger, of 3000 Units. When the toxin is used by experienced doctors the problems are extremely rare.

Are there Botox’s® creams?

The so-called Botox’s cream is the Argireline. The Biological Action of the cream is really similar to Botulinum Toxin’s action, but in a smaller intensity. It doesn't substitute Botox Cosmetic ®, but it can be used as an accomplice.

The cream, as well as Botox Cosmetic ® act in the liberation of the acetylcholine by vesicles that are part of the nerve and promote the muscular contraction. The blocking of the contraction causes a smooth skin derived from the smaller action of the muscle.

In our clinic we use the Argireline, the cream with a so-called Botox effect, just as a supporting treatment, being part of the dermatologic formulations.

Is there more than a type of Botulinum Toxin? 

There are several types of Botulinum Toxin Botox Cosmetic ® and Dysport ®, which are the type A. Myobloc® is of the type B. The toxin type B has similar effects; it can be used in a few patients who present resistance to the type A, or for the ones who receive the application but the effects are so small or with small duration. In these cases the type B, Myobloc® can be used.

How does Botox Cosmetic ® work?

The medicine blocks the muscle action where it was injected. The muscle relaxes and it doesn't contract anymore for some time. The muscle where the toxin could be injected doesn't have a main function to the body and they are the ones that cause the wrinkles. With the relaxation of these muscles is obtained the disappearance of the wrinkles.

Does the area where the medicine was applied turn anesthetized after the treatment?

No, there is not any sensibility alteration. What changes is just the movement capacity of some muscles that are responsible for wrinkles and expression furrows.

Could the treatment be in all ages?

Yes, some people who present these very strong muscles can have the appearance of expression marks very early, even after the 20 years. In senior people, the marks are deeper and they can have the need of Complemental treatment with Fillers, but almost all the ages can obtain benefit with this treatment.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

The movement can return in a variable period of time, but the wrinkles can return in about 6 months or more. Botox Cosmetic ® should be reapplied, no immediately when the movements return, but a little after, when the wrinkles begin to reappear. This way, everything seems to be paralyzed, at least, to the wrinkles.

Is there long term period effect?

There is the need of repeating the applications to maintain the effect, but there is a residual effect for impairment of the activity of the muscle and control of the habit of contracting in a long term period. Then, it must be necessary smaller doses to obtain the required effect. But it doesn't happen equally to all people.

Does Botox Cosmetic ®'s Application cause pain?

Very delicate material is used to performer the applications, as micro needles, and it is also used previously an anesthetic cream that let the treatment tolerable and well acceptable. The very sensitive people can be submitted to an anesthetic blocking the area of the forehead, which get the procedure still more tolerable.

Is there a lasting time treatment? Is there a need of resting after the application?

No, the application is quite simple and it lasts on average of 10 minutes. It is performed at the clinic and the patient can return immediately to the work, they don't need any rest.

Can the skin take sun after the application?

There are no restrictions to the sun because of the treatment, however, the sunscreen use is recommended with the objective of facial aging prevention.

Is the treatment expensive?

In Brazil, the medicine is relatively expensive, but the treatment is not so expensive because it is simple and it doesn't need hospitalization.

Where is the treatment available?

Naturale Clinic was one of the first clinics to use the Botulinum Toxin in Brazil and in the World. It has also performed thousands of treatments. Their doctors perform researches and they perform conferences on this subject.

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