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The Cellulite

 The year was 1639, when Peter Paul Rubens painted what was the ideal of the feminine beauty at that time, the Three Graces.  Women with Weight Excess with clear presence of Cellulite, that only the realism, characteristic of the Baroque period in the arts allowed to show. The ideal beauty in the beginning of the third millennium changed and a lot. The presence of fatty tissue is little accepted and the irregularities of this tissue, the Cellulite, are the modern women's fear. However, the great threat of the feminine beauty is present in 80% of the western women. It has appeared earlier, reaching young and adolescents and not respecting even the thin women. The modern photographers and movies directors, take place of the old realistic painters, they don't have Rubens' aesthetic ideal and they characterize the feminine beauty in thin, athletic types and without Cellulite.


     The Cellulite is shown in the fat tissue that is below the skin. In the whole body this layer exists. The normal amount of fatty tissue in the body is about 20% of the person's weight. When there is an increase of the amount of the fat tissue, there are alterations, with the compression of vessels and projection of this tissue to the skin, causing the alterations known as Cellulite. However, the Cellulite is not just the increase of the fat tissue, if so, there would be it in fat men, what doesn't happen. It is actually, a sum of alterations, caused by the fat increase, but where several factors have action: such as hormones, feeding, sedentary life, circulation, genetic trend, physical type and other. 


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