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Técnicas de Lipoaspiração


The main surgical technique used in the Treatment of the Body Disharmony Syndrome is the Technique of the Liposuction. The Liposuction is a surgery procedure with very fine cannulas that remove the Fat Excess where is located. It can be performed in several areas of the body.  It is widely used in the aesthetic treatments.

The Liposuction is one of the surgeries more performed in body aesthetics in the world. The technique, relatively recent, found a great global development. The basic beginning of the Liposuction is the realization of a small incision, through where penetrates a small cannula. The small cannula receives a negative pressure, suction, and while the surgeon performs movements, that liquefy the fat, the suction removes it from the body. This simple procedure is the base of a revolution in the Cosmetic surgery.

More recently the technological evolution added new details of the technique.

New even finer small cannulas, with orifices especially drawn and built with special materials as the titanium were the first acquisitions.

The  development of the  tumescent technique, that  provokes an exaggerating hydration of the fat cells, with the  local anesthesia allowed to the  rational use of the  anesthesia and  facilitated the  withdrawal of the  fat, under day hospital ambulatory procedure. 

In the treatment of the Body Disharmony Syndrome, the liposuction is especially suitable for the treatment of the component of the Localized Fat. The technique of Liposuction has a lot of variants, but they don’t differ so much from the original technique. Among the variants we can mention Liposculpture, Liposculpture with Subcision, Lipolight, Laser-assisted liposuction, VibroLiposuction, HLPA VibroLiposuction. It is important not to be seduced by the modernity of the names. All of the techniques are basically Liposuctions, and the variants are on respect to some detail that adds value, but it doesn't invalidate the others techniques. It is then, that a patient should not go seeking a certain technique, but to seek a Clinic in what she trusts, and after a doctor's careful evaluation, to determine, with the doctor, the technique that best adapts to the case. In our clinic, we practiced all the techniques, and then, we will be able to choose the most beneficial for each patient. We will make an abbreviation summary of each technique.

Liposculpture and Subcision 

It was recently published a surgical technique that it is especially indicated for the depressions (small "holes"), provoked by the  most advanced Cellulite, that usually appear in the  buttocks area and in the  thigh's inferior  face. This technique is called Subcision. It can be performed separately or accompanied by Liposculpture.

Subcision is performed at the own Clinic under local anesthesia, and the patient returns home immediately after the procedure. The technique consists in separating the skin from the fat with Cellulite that has traction forces. An imported special needle is used, that possesses a special lancet. After the local anesthesia, with the micro lancet, the surgeon separates the skin that is adhered to the fat tissue with Cellulite that originates the depression. The procedure is repeated in each one of the “holes." the process is very fast, taking on average of 2 minutes to correct each depression.

Subcision is suitable for the most recent and shallow depressions. For the oldest and deep depressions, there is a need of associating to Subcision, the technique of Liposculpture.  Subcision is performed, as already described and then, the fat is removed with the liposuction technique, of areas with fat excesses. The area habitually chosen as donor is the “outer thighs", or the knee, so, at the same time it can be corrected. The fat obtained, is injected to fill out the space between the liberated skin and the fat with Cellulite, in the depression. Subcision with Liposculpture removes fat of the area with excess and it applies to correct the areas where depression of Cellulite exists, correcting the two problems at the same time. The result of the technique is very well, having, however, differences of results, that is individual.

This surgical treatment doesn't eliminate the need of other cares for the body form. It should have Alimentary Correction, Exercises and the other cares that we described in the beginning of this article.

Isolated Subcision and Subcision with Liposculpture are complementally technical and very useful for the care of that unpleasant and sly villainous, that it is the Cellulite, which insists on reaching the modern woman's body form. 


Liposculpture is the practice of the liposuction with the application of the fat removed at other places, as for instance, in the holes formed by the Cellulite, or to increase the buttocks.

Hydro Liposuction HLPA

Hydro Liposuction or HLPA is the practice of the conventional liposuction, but it only comes preceded for the application of Ultrasound of three MHz. The Ultrasound liquefies the fat, in such a way that turns it easier to withdrawal using small cannulas through the liposuction method.


In this variant it is used an equipment, the VibroLiposuction Machine, that provokes a vibration which helps to liquefy the fat to be removed. In the process of conventional liposuction, the doctor makes movements to take the fat away. The VibroLiposuction Machine accomplishes these movements mechanically, and as it acts in a more standardized way, it presents the most regular results and the accomplishment of the technique in a faster and easier way, reducing the time of surgery.

Laser-assisted liposuction – Laserlipolisis  

Laser-assisted liposuction is an evolution of the classic technique. Finally the LASER technology, which is used in several areas of the medicine, arrived to the Liposuction.

The so called Technique of Laserlipolisis uses a LASER Nd: YAG, especially drawn, that emits the LASER through an optic fiber.

The LASER that is applied previously in the area to be operated provokes alterations in the fat tissue that facilitates the withdrawal of the fat and the postoperative. One of the main reasons Laser is used in the liposuction is the coagulation. With the Laser, the blood vessels and lymphatic responsible for the swellings and edemas are coagulated and it reduces as the pain as the bleeding and the swelling. In that way, we have the advantage of accomplishing the procedure in a field with less blood allowing one to see the details of the surgery, improving the result.

Laser-assisted liposuction is a European technology. Used with success in Italy , Germany , Argentina and Brazil .

The Anesthesia that is used is local, tumescent, that lets the fat cells more fragile. So, the area receives the LASER, transmitted by a fiber of 1 mm of thickness. The fat cells of the area to be treated, receive a small cannula of titanium very thin, which complements and removes the liquefied fat. The great advantage is a larger easiness of the procedure that happens with smaller bleeding and better recovery.


Lipolight is a small Liposuction with local anesthesia, performed in ambulatory way (without internment). As it is a small liposuction, it can only be performed in patients that have small fat collections. We cannot use Lipolight to treat patients with great volumes of Localized Fat.

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