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Feminine Body harmony is integrated by curves and consistencies, which are supplied by the muscles. The thigh’s beautiful format or the projection of the buttocks is consequence of a good muscular mass, well developed and with tonicity (it is a muscular contraction state in rest that gives an aspect of firmness). If a woman corrects the fat excess, it doesn't mean that she reached the Body Harmony. There is a need of correcting the muscular part. Any remedy or application is capable to increase the muscular mass or the tonicity. The artificial machines of muscular stimulation are capable to give tonicity, but they are only efficient while used. The ideal is to accomplish Exercises. We indicated the association of aerobic activity (Swimming, Jogging, and Ergo metric Bike) and Anaerobic (Muscular activity) or mixed (Lift Training). The electronic muscular stimulation is used in the treatment while the Exercises are being initiated; after that, we maintain it just with exercises.   

    The so called Russian streams are capable to promote the artificial contraction of the musculature. This contraction is capable to promote the muscular tonus, and let the musculature firmer. However, the effect only exists while the stimulation is being made, repetitively. To stop the applications gets the loss of the effect. Because of this fact, in our Clinic we used these techniques in the beginning of the treatment, but we give emphasis to the practice of Exercises, that is still healthier and it can be maintained by a long time after having finished the treatment. Therefore, the electric streams are used in the treatments, but they don't substitute the practice of Exercises.


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