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The Application of Lipolytics

An important technique to treat Cellulite and the Body Disharmony Syndrome is the application of Lipolytics with derived techniques of Mesotherapy. It is a controversial theme. Is that an efficient method? What is it for? What is Mesotherapy exactly?

If a medicine is supplied orally or by injection, it circulates on the vascular system reaching all of the organs. Although a product can concentrate more on certain organs, in a general way, they are distributed by the whole body.  Only a small part of the medicine is going to the target organ, where the problem is. Therefore, from the total dose received, just a fraction arrives at the place that is sick. For instance, if a patient has an "inflammation" in the knee and receives an anti-inflammatory, the medication will distribute for the whole body, reaching the lungs, the liver, the other knee, finally the whole organism, and only a small portion will reach the sick knee. The dose of the medicine is calculated based on the portion that acts exactly in the point that is sick, and the rest of it ends up being useless.

The basic beginning of the local application is the administration of medicines, close to the place where they will act. Then, if the medication is applied at the place, it will be present in the target point in high doses, and when it is absorbed and distributed by the organism, it dilutes itself and has its effect very decreased to the other organs. Then, a small amount applied in the target place will have a strong action in this place, and when absorbed and distributed in the rest of the organism there will be a dilution and the possible “side effects” will be much decreased.

It is obvious that this technique doesn't substitute any of the conventional treatments, but has some very specific applications where it can be useful.

Therefore, Mesotherapy, local application of Lipolytics, Intradermotherapy, are just a way of administration of medicines. It can be excellent, or useless or even harmful depending on whom accomplishes the treatment (that should always be a trained and habituated doctor with the technique), the type of applied medicine, the problem to be treated and the target organ where was made the application.

The used medicines are Lipolytics, in other words, they liberate the fat of the tissue. This fat has to be consumed. The exercise provokes the consumption of this liberated fat that won't be restored because of the alimentary Education. But, if the fat is liberated with Lipolytics, and there is not the consumption with exercises, it returns to the fat tissue. If the alimentary mistakes keep happening, a new fat will be deposited. In this case the application liberates the fat and the alimentary mistakes replace it. A bad alimentary habit restores the liberated fat, turning useless the treatment. Therefore, the local application of medicines will be efficient, only if there is an Alimentary Education and the practice of Exercises.

The local Application of Lipolytics, although very useful, separately is not capable to solve the problem of the body appearance, it will be necessary, another mean. This is the reason for which this method, as any other method is sometimes put in doubt. There is not a method that was used without the other ones, in which was able to show an efficient return to the Body Harmony, but the discerning use of several methods, including Mesotherapy, Intradermoterapia and Lipolytics application with the participation of the patient through the Exercises and in the Alimentary Education. Doing like this, there will be excellent results.

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