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Step 1 - Medical Consult and Exams

 The Body Composition can be easily evaluated using several methods. In our Clinic we used Bioimpedance. The Body Fat factor of the Body Disharmony Syndrome can be showed in several combinations of four conditions. Excess of Weight, defined for IMC, Excess of Fat in the Body Composition, defined for Bioimpedance, localized fat mainly for the doctor's examination, which are fat collections that make prominence in a certain area (as the outer thighs) and regionalized fat, this is defined as the deposition of fat in a homogeneous way, without protuberances, in the area of the hip and thigh. They can be evaluated by Ultrasound, and in a simple way, evaluating the depth of the fat with the fingers. Therefore, a patient with Weight Excess can present or not, Localized Fat, Regionalized Fat and Fat Excess in the Body Composition. And in another situation even a patient with Total Body Fat very low, such as an athlete, can present Regionalized Fat. This Regionalized Fat can determine the emergence of alterations of the fat tissue in the hip and thigh, even in thin patients and with Total Body Fat very low. It is explained then, because even athletes, with Total Body Fat low, can present Cellulite. What happens is that the little portion of fat that is present, is deposited, influenced by hormonal factors, in the hip and thigh, as Regionalized Fat. 

    Bioimpedance is an examination that is done through a machine that generates a very low electric stream (no perceptible for the patient). The stream rides faster for the thin tissues that has more water and electrolytes and walks more slowly for the tissues with fat. In that way it is possible to determine the content in fat of a body in percentage. It is then, possible saying that a person has, for instance, 32% of fat mass and 68% of thin mass. 

    The interesting, is that this examination helps detect the so called thin-fat, in other words, thin people in the weight, and with fat composition increased in the body, that provoke the body disharmony (Cellulite, Flaccidity, Localized Fat and Excess of Fat).  .

    It is because of this altered composition, that even people with the normal weight can have the alterations caused by fat excess. Other patients with Weight Excess, if they have the composition also altered, they will present alterations still worse in the body appearance.

    This examination is very important, because it helps determine the alimentary correction, which it is necessary sometimes, even in people with the normal weight, to recover and to maintain the body form. 

    Este exame é muito importante, porque ajuda a determinar a correção alimentar, que é necessária às vezes, mesmo em pessoas com o peso normal, para recuperar e manter  a forma corporal.



Paciente com peso normal , embora acima do ideal estético, mas com Bioimpedância bem alterada , o que explica a Síndrome de Desarmonia Corporal, com Celulite, Alterações da Gordura e Flacidez Muscular

Paciente com peso abaixo do normal, mas com 7,2 Kg de excesso de gordura na Bioimpedância, o que explica as manifestações da Síndrome de Desarmonia Corporal. Observamos a celulite, o discreto culote e a presença de gordura regionalizada , bem evidenciada pela presença de " banana bag" , a concentração de gordura logo no início da coxa, vista posteriormente.

Paciente com excesso de peso, mas com excesso ainda maior de gordura evidenciada pela Bioimpedância. Uma grave Desarmonia Corporal , onde metade do corpo é massa gordurosa e a outra metade é massa magra, incluindo ossos, músculos e órgãos.

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