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Corpore Naturale, the Body Disharmony Syndrome’s Treatment Program.

The Body Disharmony Syndrome’s Treatment Program (Alterations of the Fat, Cellulite and Muscular Flaccidity) can be divided in two parts:  the one that depends on the patient and the one that depends at the Clinic of aesthetic medicine. 

a   - What depends on the patient?

What depends on the patient is important and it is the most difficult, because if a person wants to change the body shape, this same person should change their habits. You are what you live. Who likes good life and a lot of food and beverages will have the body outline associated to that life style. Who has healthy feeding and practices exercises will have the body outline associated to those healthy habits. The mind must not dissociate from the body. Health and beauty should walk together to compose with the healthy mind and the culture an ideal of life quality. The binomial healthy feeding and exercises are the base of a good health and a good appearance and surely it is not easy to practice. Of course it is not impossible having an attitude of healthy life, because a huge portion of the population already makes it, increasing the life expectation in recent years. Then, to treat the Body Disharmony Syndrome, it’s necessary having an important reflex about the life quality in all aspects and these procedures will be certainly beneficial for the whole body and not only for your surface.

b - What depends of the Clinic?

Corpore Naturale is the Program of Treatment of the Body Disharmony Syndrome developed by researches from Naturale Clinic. The principal is the global and personalized treatment. In other words, all the alterations of the Body Disharmony Syndrome, including the Cellulite, the  Localized  Fat, the  Muscular Flaccidity and the Excesses of Fat, are assisted (global), but in a personalized way (for each patient is drawn an specific treatment program). 

Corpore Naturale is based on four steps: In the step 1 a consultation and exam is performed by a doctor. In the  step 2, a wide orientation is given including Alimentary Education , sporting orientation, explanations on all of the  available treatments and it is established a personalized program and the  prognosis for each case.  In the step 3 the treatments are performed, the most modern, but with rigorous scientific base, and personalized for each patient, depending on the trouble that was found in the exams and consultation. In the step 4 is performed the maintenance, because it is not enough to obtain the results, but they have to be maintained.

All the steps of the treatment in the Naturale Clinic are performed by specialized doctors.  Notice that the treatments are performed by doctors and they are personalized for each patient, considering their problems, characteristics and objectives. The established pattern here is a base in which a variety of combinations are proposed by the doctor of the clinic.

Treatment of the  Body Disharmony Syndrome 

What depends on  the Patient 


Correct alimentary habits


Healthy Life Style

What depends on the  Clinic  


Medical consultation, Examinations and Orientations.

Application of Lipolytics

Lymphatic drainage

Complementally treatments


Ultrasound - ultrasonic Hydrolipoclasy



Nutritional orientation

Sporting orientation




Russian stimulation


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