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Fat Alterations

The localized Fat

The excess of body fat and the hormonal action can take to the deposit of fat tissue in certain parts of the body. In the man the preferential place is the Belly and the “Love Handles" and in the Gynoid woman is the area of the hip, where appears the famous "Outer Thighs fat." In the Android woman, the deposition is in the Belly, as the Man.  We already saw that the fat excess can exist even in people without weight excess, what explains the Outer Thighs or Belly presence even in women seemingly thinner. The Correction of the Body Composition can improve the Localized Fat. Small depositions can disappear, but in many cases, this fat is difficultly mobilized, even losing weight. Clinical treatments, with Hydrolipoclasy (Ultrasound) and Mesotherapy can treat Localized Fat of small volume. Already the cases of medium and big extension end up needing surgical correction, as the liposuction. The Surgery doesn't eliminate the need of Alimentary Correction and Exercises and the treatment for the Cellulite. As usual, in the whole approach for Body Harmony, complementary and combined techniques are necessary.



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