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Fat Alterations

The fat excess

        A person can have a normal weight or only a little weight increase and have, however, a fat excess and lack of muscular mass in the body. Then, even being apparently thin, it will appear the "Syndrome of the Body Disharmony." Another person can have weight and fat excess and impairment of muscular mass, and then the disharmony still will be more important. The normal distribution of the Body Composition is 20% of fat and 80% of thin mass that is formed by muscles, bones and organs. As, in rule, the bones, and organs don't change their size (unless in disease cases), the thin mass reflects the muscular mass. A 1, 59 meter woman, who weighs 55 kilos, has a normal weight. But, if her Body Composition is 35% of fat and 65% of thin mass, she presents a fat excess in the body and lack of muscles. This fat excess will reflect in the presence of Localized Fat and Cellulite and the lack of muscles in flaccidity. Then, we will have the Body Disharmony Syndrome, even in a thin woman. Another case is a 1, 53 meter patient, who weighs 70 kilos, and has 50% of body fat and 50% of thin mass. She would have an ideal weight of 51 kilos. Therefore, she has an excess of weight of 19 kilos, but a still larger excess of body fat of 25 kilos, therefore, besides the weight excess there is the lack of muscular mass. That composition will reach the body harmony in a much more intense way. The combinations of those factors (muscles and fat) can be as different as possible, and the intensity of the problem and the treatment will be different for each case.



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