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Laser Depilation


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Intensed Pulsed Light

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Can I undergo the treatment after being exposed to the sun or  when I am tanned?

        No, because the tan darkens the skin and the LASER can confuse the tanned skin with pigmentations and cause burns. The person who is going to be submitted to the procedure should avoid the  sun for at least 15 up  to 30 days before the treatment and  7 to 15 days after it is performed. Although some LASERs and INTENSE PULSED LIGHT can  safely perform treatments on tanned skin, the doctors from Naturale avoid that,  even though we have the equipment available (called equipment of long pulse). 

Does my skin change a lot after the treatment?

        No, because the technology allows the patient to return to his activities immediately after the treatment. The skin can be a little irritated and red, but it  soon  gets better.   

Can patients with brunet or black skin use this treatment?  

        Patients with dark brunet or black skin cannot use the treatment with INTENSE PULSED LIGHT. However,  the types of light brunet skin  can perform the treatment. An appointment with the doctor will determine the best indication. Most modern LASER technologies allow treatments on darker skins, but a lot of prudence is necessary.  

Why  are several sessions  necessary for the depilation with LASER? 

        Because the hair has  several growth phases and only in the initial phase  it will adequately respond to the treatment with LASER. It means that in a certain moment, only the hair in  the adequate growth phase will be definitively eliminated and the hair in the resting phase will be removed, but not definitively.  This varies from patient to patient and according to each area of the body. Therefore,  two patients who receive the same treatment can have different results and one can  present faster results than the other.  

Why are maintenance sessions necessary? 

The skin  is a live organ and that's why it always has the capacity to   regenerate. New pilous follicles can appear and new hair  can appear as a result. For this reason, after reaching the desired result, annual maintenance sessions  are necessary.  

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