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Laser Depilation


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Intensed Pulsed Light

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Types of Skin

In 1975, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School, developed a classification system for skin typing. This system was based on a person's complexion and responses to sun exposure. Today, this classification system is also used to aid practitioners in the care of their patients. For successful laser and light therapy, it is necessary to determine your correct skin type.

Fitzpatrick Classification Scale

Skin Type

Skin Color



White; very fair; red or blond hair; blue eyes; freckles

Always burns, never tans


White; fair; red or blond hair; blue, hazel, or green eyes

Usually burns, tans with difficulty


Cream white; fair with any eye or hair color; very common

Sometimes mild burn, gradually tans


Brown; typical Mediterranean caucasian skin

Rarely burns, tans with ease


Dark Brown; mid-eastern skin types

very rarely burns, tans very easily



Never burns, tans very easily

Using this classification the doctor will determine the skin type, the energy and the equipment to be used.  

Fair  skins have faster results then the darker and black ones.  When the skin tends to be darker, it is necessary to use low  energies in order to avoid the damage to the skin. That causes a less efficient  and slower  treatment. The same happens with  the  lighter  and thinner hair . These types of hair absorb less energy, making the treatment take longer.

In the  initial phase of hair growth, the treatment will be more effective. The treatment is  less effective in the other  phases.

Therefore, it is not possible to determine an exact number of sessions for a satisfactory result, but during the initial appointment, the doctor will evaluate the kind of hair and skin,  discuss the means and difficulties for the treatment and   estimate a program for the treatment.  

Any way, it should be clear for the patients that several sessions will be necessary and that  this number  varies according to  each area and to each patient.   

For the same reason, the treatment should not be performed in tanned skins because it reduces its efficiency and increases the risks of complications after the treatment. 

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