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Laser Depilation


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Intensed Pulsed Light

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The Action of the LASER in Depilation

        The hair is generated by a structure called pilous follicle.  

The hair has the capacity to grow to a certain size and it can fall and  be eliminated spontaneously. When a hair is eliminated spontaneously, a new hair is generated by the same pilous follicle.  

It is for that reason that when  the conventional systems of depilation are used, the hair grows again, in the  same or even larger amount, thickness and color.

The phases of hair growth 

This cycle of the hair  has 3 phases, called growth phases.  

The Growth Phases of the hair are Anagena (growth phase), Catagena (intermediate phase) and Telogena (resting phase). 

        The hair of a certain area can be in several growth phases. In the Anagena phase, the hair is very close to the wall of the pilous follicle, that is narrower. In the other phases, the hair are more separated from the wall of the follicle.  

The hair is only eliminated in the Anagena phase, when  there is a larger concentration of Melanin and a greater contact with the structures of the pilous follicle that allow its destruction. 

For that reason,  several applications in different intervals of time are necessary for each area. For each application, a part of the hair and a part of the capacity of production of new hair are eliminated. In the subsequent sessions, a better result is reached.  



The selective action of the LASER   

The use of the LASER for depilation has been studied by the medicine for some  years. The main characteristic of the LASER is Selective Photothermolysis, which means that some structures of the body capture more heat and energy than others when submitted to  the light energy.  

In the case of the depilation, the  Melanin present in the  hair follicle receives most of the energy (the  chromophore,) while the skin receives less. Melanin is a dark substance, and for that reason it captures more the light energy. The hair and the base of the hair follicle  possess great amounts of melanin. The  energy is received by the hair and then  transmitted to the pilous follicle, which is finally destroyed. That eliminates the possibility of generating   a new hair.

The structures of the body that possess color are called chromophores. So, the melanin that  has the black color is a chromophore, and so is the hemoglobin of the blood that has the red color. There are many different kinds of light equipment  that are  capable to perform the Selective Photothermolysis, each one with its own characteristics to act on a specific chromophore. The ones that reach the black color  perform the depilation, and the ones that reach the red color perform the treatment of varicose veins. 

 There are other characteristics too.  These characteristics are based on the "Relaxation Time", which in other words means that some structures recover better from the heat and they are preserved, while others take longer to recover and  are destroyed. These characteristics and some others, like pulse time, the wave length  and other complex properties of the Optical Physics,  allow the Selective Photothermolysis even in skins which color is close  to  the chromophores, as the tanned or black skins.  

That's the reason why there are many kinds of  LASERs  and also other types of  light energy generators, called  INTENSE PULSED LIGHT.  

For each patient , each treatment type and each chromophore type a different kind of  equipment is  indicated. The skin type  will determine the choice of light energy to be used and the most suitable  equipment type.  



Before Treatment

The parameters of the LASER equipment are adjusted by the doctor for guaranteeing an efficient hair removal without damaging the skin


During Treatment

The hair absorbs the LASER or LIP energy .

After Treatment

The hair is eliminated and the energy captured destroys the follicle impeding its regrow.

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